AS you will soon understand, it has taken me a considerable time to be able to write this letter.

Towards the end of 2018, I sadly lost my aunt following her brave battle with cancer.

As you can appreciate, this was an extremely upsetting time for all the family and friends.

On the day of the funeral, myself and other family members travelled to the crematorium in a black limousine following a conventional black hearse, the trip none of us ever want to make and as you might expect, the mood was sombre and our thoughts were focused on fond memories and overwhelming sadness.

As we travelled slowly along Wellington Road, I was aware of a male on a bicycle to our near side, nothing really drew my attention to him. As I said, we were engrossed in our own thoughts and bereavement.

We continued to the crematorium and once inside the gate, the procession came to a halt in the usual way in order for one of the directors to begin walking in front of the cars.

As we waited, the same male cyclist came alongside the car I was in and gestured for me to wind down my window.

My first thoughts were that he wanted to pay his respects and offer some kind words.

However, what followed was not only unexpected but actually totally unbelievable.

Having wound down the window the male leaned towards me and said, "you could have given me a bit more room back there, have a bit of respect for cyclists".

You can imagine what my initial reaction was. Instead, I just closed the window and chose to ignore the situation.

There were no words to be said in the car, we all simply looked at one another in total disbelief.

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To this day, I really cannot understand or comprehend the actions of the cyclist.

Not only was his behaviour totally and utterly without thought or consideration for my family but also clearly ignorant and downright rude, to say the least.

I'd like to think he went away and reflected on what happened although I somehow think he probably didn't really give it another thought.

My aunt would have probably had a good laugh but it didn't seem very funny at the time.

My one wish is that he is an avid follower of Postbag, although I doubt he can actually read.

Near Taunton