SONG WRITING was Stina Tweeddale’s passion from a young age. Since she could hold a guitar, Stina has used song writing as a form of personal expression.

“I have been singing since I was a child. My family has always been musical” she said.

“I used to ask my guitar teacher, who I am still close to now, all about learning chords just so I could write songs– I didn’t want to learn all the technical elements.

“I have always been drawn to writing and singing. I would always make up harmonies to other songs.”

In 2012, Stina Tweeddale formed Honeyblood – a duo alongside Shona McVicar and then eventually Cat Myers. Today, Stina is embarking on her first ever solo tour with her new solo album, In Plain Sight, and to her, this is an exciting new chapter for Honeyblood.

“It is my first solo album, so it is a bit daunting” Stina said. “But it is great to have complete control over something and it is definitely a learning curve for me.

“Every move, every song, everything I was doing on this record was new territory. I really didn’t know what was going to happen.

“The first album was built on doing a live show as a duo, so it was classic rock sounds. Now, with my third album, it is very different. I am not writing for a live audience anymore, I have used more interesting sounds and a few songs are even played on piano.

“The album itself a riddle. I had to work out (and am still having to work out) what it was like to have to create an album myself. So, the album is a riddle waiting to be solved - there is no right or wrong answer. I think that whatever decisions you make, they are always heartfelt and that is most important.

“I am happy with the album, we will just have to see what other people think.”

In the past, Honeyblood focused on straight-laced, noise-orientated rock sound. Now, freed of a guitar and drums format, Stina invites other styles into her music.

The doom of Take The Wheel, the moody synth-work of Touch and the shuffling ‘90s groove of Twisting The Aces have created her most diverse album yet.

Writing the songs for each album has been Stina’s favourite part of her journey.

She constantly writes songs, not only for herself but others as well.

Stina explained: “Songwriting is my favourite part of my music career. It is a way that I express myself. I don’t know what I would do emotionally without the ability to write songs– I would explode!

“My third record was definitely easier than my first. I think when I first started, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself.”

During her tour, Stina will be singing songs from her new album, In Plain Sight, as well as older songs too.

Somerset County Gazette:

She is looking forward to touring all the community-based venues, as she feels it is so important to keep independent venues alive.

She said: “I love the little independent venues. It is so important to support community venues and they are also wonderful places to perform. Particularly Ramsgate Musical Hall – it is owned by everyone who lives there, as a collective, and it is a wonderful place.”

Honeyblood will be performing in Frome at Raves from the Grave on May 18. Stina is very much looking forward to this as it will be one of her solo gigs.

She added: “I rarely do solo gigs, but in intimate settings people always request songs and that’s what I love, because its sometimes songs that no one ever hears.”

In Plain Sight is out on May 24 and is available to pre-order now as a download. To find out more visit

Honeyblood will be performing a solo instore gig at Raves from the Graves on the afternoon of May 18. To find out more please visit