TAUNTON was visited by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg in 2009.

He came to the town to talk with local businesses, alongside MP for Taunton Deane Jeremy Browne.

Mr Clegg, who met company executives at Blackbrook, said he felt that the Government should do more to counter the recession.

Speaking exclusively to the County Gazette at the time, he said: “While we might not be standing on the edge of the cliff it’s far too early to say when and in what way a recovery will come about.

“We’ve avoided complete meltdown, but we should be cautious about talking up green shoots.

“It’s important not to raise false hopes until we know we’re on the road to recovery.”

He praised the local Liberal Democrat group, which had control of Somerset County Council and Taunton Deane, for their efforts, as well as having a kind word to say about MP Jeremy Browne.

“Jeremy’s one of the most dedicated and hard-working constituency MPs you could find anywhere in the country,” he said.