THINKING I would spend a pleasant afternoon gardening on Saturday, after a couple of hours I had to go inside.

I was sick to death of listening to the morons who keep driving at breakneck speeds, tyres squealing, exhausts backfiring, horns blaring around the Wedlands, Lyngford and Eastwick Road areas for hours on end.

It's bad enough having to listen to them late at night but it seems utterly ridiculous that they are allowed to do this in broad daylight when there is obviously much more traffic and many more pedestrians about.

In the past I have contacted my local councillor, who apparently was told by the police that it was a lone moped rider and they had dealt with it.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, as there are several cars being driven by these idiots and also at least one who rides a high-powered motorbike!

Surely I am not the only person living in this area to be really annoyed by these law breakers getting away with this?

It must be even worse for the residents who actually live in the roads they are using but it seems that nothing has been done to stop them.

Perhaps its not a 'high priority' case for the police but may become one if someone is injured or killed as has happened in the past by drivers racing at high speed.