DAVID Alacey learnt from a young age that actors were, in fact, just real people.

Because of this, he realised that his dream could become a reality – because he was a real person too.

David said: “I had a friend who was in Dr Who, Colin Baker, and I saw him perform many times when I was younger. This made me realise that actors were just real people and it didn’t have to be a dream to become an actor and singer.”

A few years later, David went to the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts to study. Upon leaving, he realised he needed an Equity Card, but was unable to get one and so decided to start a variety act.

David explained: “My parents took me to see Frank Sinatra live, I was completely knocked out by him. I decided to start a variety act performing as Frank Sinatra – little did I know I would still be doing the same thing.

“Frank Sinatra was one of the greatest actors/singers, he creates such feeling and emotion. Prior to him, singers would just sing the lyrics and Sinatra was the first to change this.”

Since then, David has created some incredible memories. One of these was when he was asked to recreate the original Sinatra recording of New York, New York to promote the new Atari computer game, Tycoon city – New York.

“I was told the impression was too similar to Frank himself – I took it as a compliment” David added.

Another key moment for David was when Buddy Greco asked him to record the Sinatra classic, One for My Baby. Their duet turned out to be Buddy’s final recording and the track was release worldwide by Acrocat Records.

David decided, after he realised that he didn’t always enjoy working alone, to create The Rat Pack tribute in the UK.

Somerset County Gazette:

He explained that it took a while to find the right guys, but the Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr tributes who perform with him now, have been with him for 15 years.

David added: “I didn’t know if the idea would work but it did and here we are doing it 21 years later.”

However, The Rat Pack shows did not become popular straight away. The songs weren’t recognised because there wasn’t always an older audience who knew the songs – especially those of Sammy and Dean.

“When Robbie Williams brought out his swing album, it changed my career really” David explained. “It meant that younger audiences began to recognise the songs.”

But what is David’s favourite Frank Sinatra song?

“I know its cliché but it’s still My Way – it is such a great anthem with great lyrics. The song still makes their hairs on your neck stand up and audiences still love it” David said.

David is still so passionate about performing and explained that The Rat Pack have lots of shows planned for this year.

David said: “I still get excited every time we perform. Every show is new – there are new towns and new audiences – plus, the show changes from year to year. I have performed in Somerset a lot – it is a very nice part of the UK.

“This year we have brought in Marilyn Monroe which changes the dynamics of the show and allows for duets – she also adds some glamour to the show.

“I just want to keep working and keep performing as part of The Rat Pack – hopefully we will still be doing this in another 21 years! We just want to keep reaching out to new audiences and keep up the interest in the songs from the fifties and sixties.”

The Rat Pack will be performing at The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil on April 27 at 7:30pm.This production revives all-time-favourites such as New York, New York, That’s Amore, My Way and more.

To find out more visit www.octagon-theatre.co.uk or call 01935 422884.