I HAVE to say I wholeheartedly agree with the letter in last week's County Gazette ('Horns blaring, tyres squealing... Morons', Postbag, April 18).

I live in Cheddon Road and am constantly sickened by idiots thinking the stretch between Eastwick Road and Hope Corner Lane is a racing drag strip to go as fast as you can.

Only this morning, some (motorcycle racing champion) Carl Fogarty hopeful went racing up at 60mph-plus.

I’ve even confronted one individual who was most taken aback that I suggested he was travelling too fast in a residential area.

Some people seem to think that Cheddon Road, St Patrick’s Road and Kingston Road are Grand Prix circuits.

Perhaps those of us who live here are not in an affluent enough area for councillors to care, but action is needed before someone is killed.

Sort it out TDBC, unless you are too busy capitulating to housing developers (no more green belt housing until Firepool is complete).

Speed bumps for Cheddon Road please.