A KNIGHT in shining armour slayed a dragon in Taunton town centre on St George’s Day 2009.

The man beneath the mask was Shaun Slade - and his fire breathing companion was Donna Munson.

Roofer Shaun, 42, of Wellington, donned the suit to make sure the celebration of England’s patron saint didn’t pass unnoticed.

He told the County Gazette: “We’ve had enough of St Guinness’ Day – we need to remember St George.

“I asked many people what day it was, standing there in armour with a St George’s cross on my shield, and most people said ‘Thursday’.

“We should be proud of what we are and there should be some kind of big celebration.

“I went round nearby villages on Friday and Saturday, and there were flags flying, but there wasn’t much in Taunton or Wellington.”

There were celebrations at some venues, however, including at the Railway Runabouts Pre-School in Taunton, pictured below, where youngsters dressed in patriotic colours and flew their flags high.

Somerset County Gazette:

CELEBRATION: At The Railway Runabouts Pre-School in Taunton in 2009