HELEN Dewdney, consumer journalist, blogger, media spokesperson and speaker, visited W H Smith in Taunton this month.

Born in Taunton, Helen saw this as a wonderful opportunity to visit her home.

Helen said: “It was good to be in my home town and great to catch up with old friends too. W H Smith staff were great, friendly, helpful and most importantly kept me going with tea and biscuits.”

Helen signed copies of her book, How to Complain, which provides tips, information advice, examples, template letters and consumer laws to make sure that readers are not deceived by companies.

“I wrote the book soon after starting the blog (www.thecomplainingcow.co.uk). It was clear from the popularity of the site and the questions that I was being asked that there was a need for a book to help people.

“It instantly became a best seller and remains so nearly five years later. I provide free updates to the book so people don’t have to keep buying a new one.

“Just using the right terminology and finding out about the Consumer Rights Act 2015 for example, are crucial in asserting your rights and can make such a difference.

“You don’t need to be a lawyer, or highly knowledgable about consumer law, you just need to know where to look at how to assert yourself.”

Helen has had a pretty exciting career. In 2013, she took Tesco to court and won. Three years later, she was the only person to interview the UK CEO Matt Davies and Group CEO Dave Lewis.

Yet, coming back to Taunton will always be a highlight for her and she explained that our town will always be her home.

Helen said: “Although I left when I was 18 I still refer to it as “going home”. It is sad to see the town with little variety now and I miss County Stores meringues.

“Taunton is of course struggling like other High Streets, but hopefully some Tauntonians will get going with some creativity and community activities in the town, with council initiatives to help small businesses to develop to attract more people.”

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