A SINGLE mum of two young children whose new pushchair was thrown out without warning by council workers has received an apology and a new one - after your County Gazette intervened.

Amber Daniels, 21, was shocked last week to discover her double pushchair missing from the block of council flats where she lives.

After investigating, she discovered it had been removed without notice from the premises in Eastwick Road, Taunton.

Ms Daniels has no means of transport, so it meant she was virtually housebound with Ivy Rose, aged two-and-a-half, and 15-month-old Olivia Bell.

She said: "I couldn't believe it when I found it had gone.

"I use it all the time and kept it in a cubby hole outside my flat because it doesn't fit in my doorway.

"None of the neighbours minds because they all knew it was too bulky to get into my flat and I've got issues with mould there as well - I didn't want the pushchair getting mouldy too.

"But to suddenly discover one morning that it had been taken away and disposed of by the council was really upsetting."

Ms Daniels said she had had discussions with a council representative who had told her she couldn't keep the pushchair in the hallway.

She added: "She said there were issues with it, but nobody I know of objected.

"She told me to keep it in my shed, but I didn't want it getting covered in spiders' webs and it's awkward and time-consuming folding it up or opening it out a few times every day.

"Then next thing I know it's gone and the council have taken it to the tip without telling me.

"I saved up £120 to buy the pushchair. I'm on benefits and money is tight, so to have it taken away was devastating."

Approached by your County Gazette, a spokeswoman for Somerset West and Taunton Council admitted the council should have spoken to Ms Daniels before removing the pushchair.

She added: "We take the safety and security of all our tenants very seriously.

"While our first duty is to ensure our buildings are safe, on this occasion we should have taken more time to find the owner of the pushchair before disposing of it.

"We have made a personal apology and provided the tenant with a replacement which she is now able to store without risk in the building."

We were unable to contact Ms Daniels for her reaction as we went to press yesterday (Wednesday).