A CONSERVATIVE candidate in the upcoming local elections has been suspended from the party over social media posts branded 'shocking' by a member of the public, it is understood.

Kevin Wendt, who owns several county companies, is a candidate in the Wellington North ward for the newly-formed Somerset West and Taunton Council.

The elections are set to be held on Thursday (May 2).

Several of the posts, reported to the Conservatives by a member of the public and seen by your County Gazette, concern the issue of immigration.

One post featured an image of what appear to be coal miners, claiming 'men like this are being forced to work until they're 70', above an image of a family, with a banner saying, 'because the government is bringing in more and more people like this'.

A member of the public reported the comments to the Somerset Conservative party, which has taken the step of suspension.

In the complaint, seen by your County Gazette, the member of the public calls for the party to act over the 'shocking' posts. 

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Mr Wendt told the BBC he is 'sorry' to have caused offence and saddened to have been suspended from the party.

The suspension comes a week after another Conservative candidate, Ben Wong, was suspended from the party over a drink-driving conviction.