I AM an old age pensioner who visited Taunton on family business last week.

Yesterday, I received a fine for driving through a bus gate.

I have no idea what a bus gate is, but I've only been driving since 1970.

I diligently followed my sat nav instructions, so I am still none the wiser about my "crime".

When I phoned your council's office and asked the young lady if many motorists were caught in this bus gate, she sounded very sheepish.

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After searching the internet, it became obvious why. Your council has a lucrative scam going on!

My family put more than £400 into your local economy during our visit, which I wish we had spent in a town run by a more reputable council.

Luckily, it was my first and last visit to your town, and I will advise whoever I meet to avoid Taunton wherever possible.