I HALF expected it to happen, but I was so proud to be a regular purchaser and reader of the County Gazette when I saw it's marvellous Election 2019 coverage last week for the local elections on Thursday (May 2), election day for our new Somerset West and Taunton Council, with all the councillor candidates' photos and biographies so comprehensively put together..

With such well-laid out write-ups and photos of virtually all the candidates for each new electoral ward, this represented a massive completed task and, in the name of our greatly cherished local democracy, I think everyone involved as candidates and supporters owe an enormous vote of thanks to the Gazette and its reporters for this wonderful special presentation.

Of course, best thanks will come from a really good turnout of voters in the election, hopefully a big improvement on the low percentage figures sometimes seen in past local council votes.

For the Gazette's sake, please may the "don't voters" not win a single ward this time!

A very big thank you.


NOTE: You can still pick up a copy until Thursday! Thanks - Ed.

Somerset County Gazette:

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