SOMERSET-based, Thunderbridge Bluegrass Band are playing a one-off concert at CICCIC this week.

On May 3, the band are returning to Taunton a few years after their last performance in our county.

The quintet, formed at Tonedale Mill in Wellington in 2005, have spent the last 15 years playing all over the UK and beyond. Featuring a banjo, fiddle, double bass, mandolin and guitar, as well as five part harmonies performed around a single microphone, the band are on the verge of recording their 7th album.

Founder member, frontman and songwriter Nick Girone-Maddocks said: “The line-up has changed a little since we formed, and we all now live quite far away from each other, but that doesn’t stop us getting out there to gigs. We played out first gigs all around Wellington and Taunton all those years ago, and we still get folks coming to see us who were at those teeth-cutting first gigs. It’s great that they still come back to a part of the show.”

See Thunderbridge Bluegrass Band at CICCIC on May 3 at 8pm. To find out more visit