ON a recent visit to Minehead, I noticed with sadness that the

cafe and putting green in Blenheim Gardens were closed


My family and I have been visiting this park to play a game of putting for years, it had become a annual event we all enjoyed very much.

A sign on the door told us they regretfully had to close due to increased business rates and overheads.

In a seaside town as popular as Minehead, visited by families of all ages, how does it make any sense to force a much-loved establishment to close?

It reminds me of the saying, killing the goose that lays the golden egg.


Blenheim Gardens Cafe closes after 50 years

Charging these establishments more than they can afford is a lose lose situation in my opinion.

I would like to think that while these decisions are being made, the people responsible, who work for your council aren’t getting six-figure salaries, because failure on this scale doesn’t deserve it.