A ROWBARTON resident was shocked after discovering an opportunist thief had nicked a parcel from her porch.

Jacqui Parker had been sent the package from her brother-in-law as a present for her 35th birthday.

Jacqui and her husband have security cameras installed which captured footage of the thief carrying out the crime while the couple were out at work.

"The security cameras show the parcel being delivered by the postman at 11.30am yesterday (Wednesday, May 8), and the thief stealing the parcel at around 1.15pm," Mrs Parker said.

"It contained a present for my 35th birthday from my brother-in-law, some souvenirs gifts from the recent holiday to Japan.

"While it was not hugely valuable, it is not exactly going to be easy to replace.

"More than than anything else though it is the principle, it makes me feel uneasy, and if this person gets away with it this time, I worry my home will be targeted again in the future."

Jacqui has reported the incident to the police - if anyone recognises the woman in the video, call the police on 101.