CRIME busting superhero Robocop gave some school children a shock when he made an appearance on the playground.

The silver-bodied movie character dropped by North Town Primary School just as students were leaving class to go home in 1989.

He made his way through the crowds of little people to speak with 6-year-old Ben Payne, who had idolised him since seeing the movie.

At the time, Ben said: “I couldn’t believe it.”

Robocop made sure Ben was and escorted him to his Portland Street home.

Robocop stayed to have a chat with Ben and his 10-year-old sister, Janine.

“It was well worth the flight over from Detroit in the USA, where I carry out my crime fighting duties.”

The surprise visit was organised by Ben’s dad Trevor, who was always a big fan of the movie.

The suit worn by Robocop on his visit was one of 34 made for the hit movie. Only three others remained at the time the photo was taken.

Pictured is Robocop with Ben and Janine.