A TRULL mother who died on Boxing Day following a heroin overdose at her home had 'no intention of harming herself', an inquest heard.

Nichola Kinchant, 43, was pronounced dead at her home in Amberd Lane in Trull on December 26 after her friend, Graham Thompson, found her laying unconscious on her sofa with blood around her nose.

At a hearing on Wednesday (Senior coroner Tony Williams read a statement from Mr Thompson, a friend of Mrs Kinchant's, who said the pair took heroin on Christmas Day and he only became aware she was unwell when he woke up on Boxing Day.

Mr Thompson, who admitted in his statement that he is a heroin addict, said: "I went to her house for Christmas and after chatting for a while she went to the toilet.

"She had been in there for a long time and when I asked her what she was doing she said she was taking a hit.

"She came out of the toilet and seemed fine for ages, I had no concerns about her.

"I took the rest of the heroin that she had, there was about half a gram or so in a bag. I smoked it but I had seen Nichola take it before and knew she preferred to inject it."

Mr Thompson, said the pair fell asleep while they were watching TV and when he woke up the following day he found Nichola unconscious on the sofa with blood around her nose and vomit down her front.

He said he tried to wake Mrs Kinchant up but got no response so gave her an injection he kept with him to try and help her but she remained unconscious.

Mr Thompson then went to Mrs Kinchant's neighbours house and they called an ambulance.

Paramedics from South Western Ambulance Service attempted to revive Mrs Kinchant but sadly she was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post mortem and toxicology report from Dr Gerrity revealed Mrs Kinchant had 211mcg per litre of morphine, the active ingredient of heroin, in her body at the time of her death.

The report said morphine levels between 50mcg and 1000mcg have been involved in a cases involving death.

The inquest heard a statement from Graham Storer, Mrs Kinchant's husband, who said his wife suffered from a degenerative spinal condition and could not work as a result.

Mr Storer said Mrs Kinchant had enjoyed spending Christmas Day with her family at her brother's house and was looking forward to the future despite having a difficult past.

He said: "On a good day Nichola was the most loving person and would do anything for anyone. She was creative and she loved gardening.

"But on her bad days she would shut herself away and try to sleep as much as possible.

"Nichola's biggest love was her daughters and she loved my children as if they were her own."

Returning a conclusion of a drug related death Mr Williams said: "Nichola Kinchant voluntarily self administered heroin by injection but had no intention of harming herself."

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