OUR wonderful Musgrove Park Hospital has been constantly upgraded and expanded since being built by the American army during the second world war.

Yet, nothing has been done to improve access.

There are daily queues from the Wellington road to the car parks. This not only stops ambulances getting to in and out but makes patients late for their appointments.

Even buses get stuck on the dog leg bend in the narrow road. Access is a joke.

While this was fine for Jeeps during the war, it is nothing short of appalling in 2019.

The site needs resigning for modern needs. Houses need to be demolished so that a large roundabout can be built on the A38.

It needs a proper mini bus station, a second multi-storey car park. There should be rows of electric car charging points closest to the hospital.

Those using gas guzzlers must be made to use buses or walk further to their appointments.

But, alas I am dreaming. That would be doing the job properly.

This is Taunton. Taunton will give it thought and carry out the work, soon after cars are banned.

Anyway, the money was used to build a hotel on the Firepool site.

Is it me?