I'M just wondering if anyone else has contacted you regarding the shambles over the forthcoming European parliament elections?

I received my poll card yesterday (May 9) and, realising I will be in Dorset on May 23, decided to apply for a postal vote - only to discover the completed applications had to reach the electoral office in Williton by May 8.

Have just spoken to the Willtion office, who tell me there was a delay in sending out the polling cards and that "lots of people" are in the same position.

Too late to vote by post if you are away from Minehead.

The only option is to find someone willing to act as your proxy (requiring another application to be submitted by next Wednesday). But I'm not sure if I want anyone else to know the way I am voting.

What a fiasco!

Perhaps you could find out exactly how many people will be denied their vote because of the delay in sending out polling cards?

I'm fuming!