XENNA Kristian, 24, was given the opportunity to be part of a tribute act celebrating the music of Ariana Grande and JoJo Siwa and she can’t wait to start the tour this month.

Ariana Grande's success

Ariana herself is a star and her music videos have been viewed a total of more than nine billion times online. She has three American Music Awards, three MTV Europe Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award and four Grammy Award nominations.

With hits such as Dangerous Woman, One Last Time, No Tears Left to Cry, Into You and Side By Side, she is arguably one of the most influential female artists of the decade.

Ariana’s bunny ears are a worldwide symbol of her brand and JoJo loves to wear her signature bows – hence the name of the show, the Bows and Bunny Ears Tour.

JoJo Siwa's incredible career

JoJo herself has more than 8.5 million YouTube subscribers and 7.5 million Instagram followers. With six hit singles including Kid In A Candy Store, Boomerang and Hold The Drama, the next big adventure in JoJo’s already incredible career is her very first tour in 2019.

In the Bows and Bunny Ears Tour, Xenna will be performing as JoJo Siwa.

Xenna Kristian - tribute act

She said: “Once I had agreed to play JoJo, I did loads of research, so I could portray her well – luckily I have a young looking face! I am excited because JoJo has so much energy and excitement.”

Xenna began performing from a young age. She then studied Performing Arts in college and after getting a job, she got an agent and started working in the world of tribute artists.

Since then Xenna has been on contracts in Salou with RJP and working for TED in Cyprus, entertaining the holiday makers with her talent.

She has been part of many pantomimes for venues such as Alton Towers and Oakengates Theatre and has recently been working as a resort director for Haven Theatre Company training the performers.

Xenna explained: “My first big tribute act was Taylor Swift and it was great. I did a few big charity events and so on. I just love being on stage and I always want people to have fun.”

Xenna has travelled all over the world to perform, her favourite place so far being Ibiza. Despite being from Manchester, Xenna admits that her favourite place in the UK is actually Weymouth because it is a very picturesque town.

Somerset County Gazette:

Xenna as JoJo Siwa

Now, Xenna is preparing for her performance as JoJo.

She said: “It has been great learning the songs for the performances. I have watched loads of JoJo’s live performances, so I can capture exactly what she does and how she interacts with the crowd.

“My favourite song is probably Bop because it is such a fun and bouncy song.”

Xenna will be on stage alongside Kearra Bethany who is performing as Ariana Grande.

Xenna added: “Everyone you meet in this industry is so lovely. People see the arts as a competitive industry, but my experience hasn’t been like that at all.

“I am definitely looking forward to the tour. We get to go to different places and that is great. We also get to meet the audience afterwards which is even better.

“Many of my gigs are usually around the country in Haven parks and so on, which is great because the staff and the audiences are so lovely.

“I think the type of audience depends on the setting. If I perform in a small room, it makes it much more intimate.

“If the tour goes well it would be great to add more dates. I would love to carry it on.”

The Bows and Bunny Ears Tour will be at The Playhouse in Weston-super-mare on May 28 at 6pm. Tickets cost £17.

To find out more or to book please visit www.parkwoodtheatres.co.uk/Playhouse-Theatre or call 01934 645544.