FIRST time author has set his novel in Somerset.

Jason Minick, author of Arcam, loves Somerset and despite living in North Wiltshire, adores his second home in St Audries Bay, near Watchet.

In the book, a London-based detective, called Chief Inspector Robson is called to lead an investigation in Somerset. The book begins as a baffling kidnapping mystery but leads to an unthinkable conspiracy which threatens to alter the course of humanity forever.

Jason said: “Arcam is set in North Somerset. The island of Steep Holm represents a significant location in the story.

“But the book is mainly set around the Quantocks and North Somerset including areas such as, Porlock, St Audries, Kilve, Hinkley Point, Taunton and Williton. Exmoor is also a key location that is featured.

“The fictional CID team are Taunton-based, however, during the story the investigation team set up temporary headquarters at St Audries village hall to be closer to the crime-scenes.”

“I chose to set the book in this area simply because I love it - it is something of a haven for my family and me.

“We live in North Wiltshire, but we have owned a holiday home at St Audries bay for some years and the area is, quite literally, our second home.

“I have perhaps always suppressed the ambition to write, and there is no doubt that the setting for the book represents the area that finally provided me with the inspiration.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Jason has a passion for writing and is pleased he finally published his first novel.

He explained: “Writing is my release. It is my creative outlet and I find the process of writing to be rather cathartic, in and of itself. I have always enjoyed reading and, perhaps, I have always been a bit of a dreamer! Therefore, I am so glad that I finally took the plunge.

“The location in which the book is set finally provided me with the inspiration to put pen to paper. St Audries and the surrounding Quantock Hills provide such a spiritual backdrop and, to me, almost inspires one to believe in limitless possibilities.

“It is my ambition to keep writing and to strive to improve with every piece of work that I create. I am keen to write about crime and I love to try to create mystery. I also very much enjoy trying to create believable characters.”

In the future, Jason is planning to publish his second DCI Robson book, also based in the same area.

He is hoping to release this in September this year.

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