THE national TV coverage of Somerset's adult care services on the Panorama programme gave a disturbing picture of the stresses on families with a member with complex care needs but also on the adult care social services teams and senior staff who have to make difficult decisions day by day.

What the programme did not do - although it made it clear this problem was not confined to Somerset - was highlight how these problems emanate from the austerity regime pursued by the Tory government, resulting in wholesale reductions in the money that councils have for services of all kinds.

Over the last few years of my social work career (not in Somerset) the reduction in funding levels did not result in greater efficiency (which is what we were led to believe) but an increase in time and paperwork to make out a case for our clients to access scarce resources and consequently less time for face to face contact with the people we were committed to support.

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Although I have taken part in demonstrations outside council meetings, l know that even though our local council has made contentious decisions (such as protecting the level of council tax), the real target of protests is a government that does not prioritise the needs of vulnerable people.

And now they (and the media) are focussed on Brexit and the machinations of the Tory leadership 'battle'.

Norton Fitzwarren