IT never ceases to amaze me at how short a memory span is in the mind of the average person.

I find it quite extraordinary, even taking into account the petty shambles of current political thinking of all political parties, that we now have a Liberal Democrat council once again, especially remembering that not so many years ago, it was a similar council that almost brought Taunton Deane to its knees.

Surely, it is time for all political allegiances to be banned from local elections and for people to be elected independently, based on their knowledge of local matters and needs?

I read avidly, the possible, the local manifestos put through our door and could not find any specific, sensible pledges in any of them.

The Liberals said little and their stated an intention to have another referendum only shows their abject denial of democracy.

My personal response to these local results will be to ignore them, consider them undemocratic and demand another 'people's vote' until we get the result I want!

I am sure the Liberal Democrats will now have to prove themselves worthy of their temporary elevation to power.