A FOOD store is doing its bit to cut down on plastic waste - in the shadow of a plant producing millions of plastic bottles a year.

Pyne’s of Somerset is now selling draught milk in reusable bottles and boss Malcolm Pyne says after only a few weeks the idea is already catching on with his regular customers and visitors.

Once they have bought their bottle, shoppers can fill it at a self-service unit with milk produced by farmer John Cottrell at his dairy on Gundenham Farm, on the outskirts of Wellington. They can then take it back for refilling.

The concept has already been rolled out to a number of shops in Somerset and Devon and Mr Cottrell said: "We’re getting more inquiries all the time.

"People like the idea that they are taking home milk in a proper bottle and helping to cut down waste into the bargain."

Pyne’s, in North Petherton, is just yards from the giant Muller Wiseman plant, which supplies 500 million plastic bottled litres of milk a year to homes in the South West, Wales and Midlands.

But Mr Pyne claims demand for semi-skimmed milk on draught was already is strong there are plans to install a second dispenser for whole milk.

He added: "People are particularly impressed with the quality of John’s milk, as they are with the fact that it only has to travel 20 miles from the cow to get here.

"It’s actually cheaper for them to buy milk this way once they have made the initial investment in the bottle.

"So much is being talked and written about the problems of plastic waste these days that they feel really good about being able to make a contribution, even a very small one, to reducing the amount of plastic waste this country generates."