IN reference to the article of June 5 ('Former council spends millions on redundancies', County Gazette).

I am sure we all understand the benefits of working in public office; Job security, flexitime, pension schemes (14% higher than private sector workers) and finally 'work less to earn more'?

If you're still not convinced about the benefits of working in the public sector, then you might be after this: Public sector staff work nine years less and earn 30% more than private sector employees throughout their lifetime.

In addition to the above, you can also obtain some of the best redundancy packages throughout the UK.

But that's okay because all the hard-working, minimum wage, overtaxed, 50 hour working week and worthless pension private sector (taxpayers) will fund this for you!

The generosity of our departing councillors to award payments above government guidelines is truly a disgrace and shameful decision.

READ MORE: Council pays out £5.6 million on redundancies

I am dismayed by these obscene pay-outs on the basis that critical funding for the poor and vulnerable have been reduced or completely wiped out.

To coincide, the same council has spent over £11 million on what must be the most expensive lawn in the entire country, I must applaud how great Firepool now looks, shame about the cost.

I look forward to reviewing the next chapter of excellent decision making from this newly lead council, I fear not.