WHAT an opportunity Taunton Deane Borough Council have missed in the last decade on making use of the old market space as a car park.

It would have made hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in turning that empty space into something that would have made some money, then we as citizens of Taunton, wouldn't have to pay extortionate council tax.

It baffles me what the council do at their meetings.

It's about time they got their act together as public money (yes, mine) is wasted in other directions.

Please don't waste any more of Taunton residents' money as you missed a good money maker.

Get your act together Taunton Deane.

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One more question - how much has it cost to turf part of the old castle market and who's going to foot that bill?

Someone is making money out of all this and as resident of Taunton I'd like to know and I'm sure a lot more would.

Thank you.

Lisieux Way