FOLLOWING the announcement that the BBC is to abolish free TV licences for over 75s, the time has surely come to change the way in which the BBC is funded.

Other broadcasters fund their services by advertising and/or subscription and the technology is already there for the BBC to do likewise.

In essence, the licence fee is actually an obligatory all-in subscription charge, whereby viewers and listeners are obliged to pay for the complete range of BBC services whether or not they actually use them.

At one time, the licence fee was considered acceptable as the BBC was deemed a public service broadcaster.

That is no longer the case and the vast majority of the BBC output is aimed at competing with other channels.

As such, the licence fee is archaic and no more, no less, than a totally unacceptable, money grabbing imposition on those who possess a television.

All of us - and not just the over 75s - should be free to decide what we want to watch and what we are prepared to pay for to watch and not to be blackmailed by the Board of Governors of the BBC who are, at best, out of touch, out of control and not fit for purpose.

I have written to my MP to ask her to raise the matter with the relevant minister and to request parliamentary discussion and appropriate legislation. I would others of all ages to do likewise.

Norton Fitzwarren