IT was a busy week for Taunton Festival of the Arts, who have recently held their Dance Festival and Gala Evening.

The Dance Festival took place at Queen’s College on from May 28 until June 2. There were over 900 candidates from around the South West.

Naomi Porter, publicity and communications at Taunton Festival of the Arts, said: “The festival was a huge success.

“We would like to congratulate the performers and the trophy winners on their fantastic achievements.

“The festival would also like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time to support a great event.”

Somerset County Gazette:

After the dance success, Taunton Festival of the Arts held its Gala Evening at Queen’s College on June 2.

The gala brought together the children that won trophies and cups from all the festivals to come together to create a show.

Naomi added: “It was a fantastic evening to demonstrate what talent the young performers have achieved. The evening is a great way to bring Taunton Festival of the Arts together with performances from the Music, Drama and Dance elements.

“It was a real treat for the audience to have such talent all together in one show.

“Well done to all the fabulous performers and trophy winners. You are all stars.”

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