THE government would have us believe that a net zero target for the UK by 2050 is ambitious and ground-breaking. It is neither.

We must be led by the science, and that tells us we should become a zero-carbon economy and society way before the middle of the century.

And other countries in Europe are being more ambitious, especially Finland where, because Greens are a part of the coalition government, the country has set a target of carbon neutrality by 2035.

Tory policies will make it impossible to achieve even the distant 2050 target.

This is the government that has continued to subsidise fossil fuels; is trying to kick-start a whole new fossil industry by backing fracking; is pushing for airport expansion and more roads and has done so much to dent and undermine the growth in renewables.

Greens would change all that. We are pushing for a Green New Deal, to create high skilled, well-paid jobs and improve welfare while tackling climate change.

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For example, a huge national home insulation programme would create jobs in every community across the country, reduce fuel bills and stop old people dying in cold homes. Investing in cycling infrastructure and public transport would also create thousands of jobs and cut the costs of ill health by encouraging people to be more active and clean up our air.

Our climate emergency poses a serious threat. It is also a unique opportunity to create a cleaner, healthier and more prosperous future. Let’s seize it with actions not just targets.

MEP, Green, South West
European Parliament