MS Bradley seems to think that the merger between Taunton Deane and West Somerset Councils 'cost us ratepayers money' because of 'objections' to it ('Unitary plea', Postbag, June 13).

The truth is the exact opposite.

Conservatives running both councils refused to listen to any objections and words of caution.

The merger cost around £6 million of our money to make almost 200 staff redundant - only to find that the new council needs to spend even more money replacing some of the staff who have left because the council needs those jobs to deliver basic services, like grass cutting, answering phones and dealing with planning applications.

The total costs are twice the the amount budgeted by the former Conservative administration, which has made catastrophic mistakes in failing to meet their promise of a 'seamless transition' in services after the merger.

Yet they still refuse to accept any responsibility.

A leading Conservative councillor, Roger Habgood, shrugged the whole thing off to Points West TV, saying, “It wouldn't be life if there weren't some difficulties in the way, would it, but they'll be overcome”.

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It's only our money, so it doesn't seem to matter!

Fortunately, the Conservatives are now the third group on the new council, not even the official opposition, so they won't be carrying their casual incompetence into the new administration, where the Liberal Democrats are now picking up the pieces on behalf of the residents.