WHEN historians look back at the prolonged Brexit crisis, the prominent role of two former members of the notorious Oxford Bullingdon Club, famous for its destruction of restaurants and other establishments, with immediate compensation demonstrating the wealth that places its members to be above the law, will feature strongly.

The weak David Cameron allowed two referendums which seriously damaged the integrity of the United Kingdom. With the Scottish Independence vote he narrowly escaped breaking up the UK, then to appease his rabid right wing, he agreed to the Brexit referendum.

The destructive impact of such referendums was not considered. Wealth, of course, enables people to swiftly escape disaster.

Boris Johnson’s notorious lies about more money for the NHS shows the same irresponsible streak. He has been sacked for lying both as a journalist and a politician!

New research reveals posh people really do think they are better than others, even when they have no idea what they are talking about. The study on the relationship between over confidence and social class was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Both Cameron and Johnson are afflicted by this over confidence in their own abilities and irresponsible willingness to inflict damage on the country. They don’t care, they won’t have to clear up the mess.

Look at the number of extreme Brexiteers who have already jumped ship and gone to live abroad. Farage has stated that if Brexit goes wrong he will leave the country.

The over-confidence in their own abilities and misplaced ambition in seeking a role which is simply beyond them now grips leading contenders for the prime minister’s job.

Boris Johnson’s latest ploy is to ignore the gaping holes in the NHS and welfare and gamble on offering tax breaks for the wealthy. The posh Brexiteers taking care of their own, totally out of touch with the problems and difficulties of ordinary people, letting the rest of us suffer.