THEY say a dog is a person’s best friend - and from a business perspective, that has proved true for Beccie Woods.

The 26-year-old runs Boni and Guy, in East Reach, Taunton, and is already celebrating a successful start to life in the town, having opened just four months ago.

Full bookings and booming trade has led to a lot of happy dogs and owners in the area - and delight for Taunton-born Beccie.

“Trading is going amazingly, we’re fully booked a week in advance already, which is fantastic,” she said.

“We’ve had more than 100 new clients, on top of the already existing, and the local businesses and residents have all been so welcoming.”

And at the heart of her success, says Beccie, is the atmosphere among traders and customers in her home town.

“I can’t believe I’ve only been there since February and how busy it is it feels like I’ve been settled for years,” she said.

“I’ve always lived in Taunton and to have a business on east reach means the world to me.

“Every single morning I get excited about going to work and never have the Sunday blues anymore.”

Beccie set up her business having gone travelling a few years ago.

Previously, she launched her dog-grooming business in Station Road, Taunton, before deciding to embark on her travels.

But now she is back and as happy as ever to be settled in the County Town - and has big plans for the future.

“We have lots of plans for the summer including more Facebook run completions and we are hoping to hold a first aid day as well as a charity event in the salon where we will be bathing peoples dogs all day with all of the money going to a chosen charity,” she added.

“We really want to give back what everyone has put into an amazing four months’ trading.

“Taunton is home, it’s my happy place and it’ll always be home.

“To have a business doing what I adore in Taunton is just a dream come true.”

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