WITH all the homeless people on the streets, why not let them be guardians of property, instead of local young professionals? (‘Stay at former police station - voluntarily’, County Gazette, June 20) If they are professionals, they must be at work.

I would have thought, as everything seems to be included, it would be ideal for the homeless, with Government help.

As the winter is coming, it would be nice for them to be off the streets, then Taunton could look a lot tidier and it is giving the homeless some stability.

The same goes for the other two properties advertised at the same time in Wellington, they are Popham Court Care Home consisting of the Court and Popham House.

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When is the council going to take the homeless problem seriously? I thought it might have changed with the Liberals now in charge of the council, but it doesn’t seem a lot is happening to improve Taunton right now.

Also, all pavements leading into Taunton are covered in weeds, grass and overgrown hedges, making it difficult for pedestrians to walk along into town.