I DON'T trust Nigel Farage when it comes to Brexit, but his analysis, that it is London against the rest of the country, is right.

As he says, London has flourished in the EU, which is why it voted so strongly for Remain.

It is an irony that money paid to the EU has come back to fund projects in the North East, Wales, Cornwall and elsewhere, because Westminster won't spend what is needed on those areas.

Farage rightly says he would scrap HS2, the cost of which is set to rise to £100 billion. He didn't mention Cameron's other vanity project, Hinkley C, the cost of which could be even more astronomical.

He is right about supporting coastal towns and protecting our high streets, with local government spending the business rates locally, rather than them going into central government's general taxation pot.

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His call for devolution is also right. That should be to a parliament in Bristol for the South and the West, to a parliament in Leeds for the North and the Midlands, and to a parliament in London for London and Kent.

Selfdom for Seaxeland (Home rule for Saxland)