A QUICK-thinking PCSO saved the life of a man who had taken a drug overdose in a Taunton park.

PCSO Katie Hambridge discovered two men who appeared to be asleep in the park and then spotted a "suspicious substance" next to them.

After she woke up one of the men but was unable to stir the other, she called for assistance from a colleague and for an ambulance.

The unconscious man was rushed to Musgrove Park Hospital, where he recovered following the incident in May.

PCSO Sam Bushen, who tutored Katie a the start of the year, said: "Katie was later contacted by the hospital to advise her that if her patrol through the park had been 30 minutes later, the male might not have survived."

He added: "Not only did she save someone's life, in the same week Katie was on her patrols through the town centre, when police received a report of a theft of £800 from a local shop.

"Katie and other colleagues then conducted area tours for the suspect.

"Katie spotted the suspect and followed him and stopped him getting into a taxi and getting away.

"Police officers then attended Katie's location and arrested the male and the £800 was recovered."

Katie has now received a commendation for her outstanding work from Chief Superintendent Will White.