IF only us non-members had a vote.

Or should we become temporary-member infiltrators, from a brain-washed UKIP or Brexit Party EU hatred, voting for Johnson as our frontline “Leave” referendum celebrity, who will crash us out at Halloween “come what may”?

Odd how in such a vital election for our, and our country’s, future us outsiders don’t get a say, unless there’s a General Election to follow.

Odd how in this election of fantasy tax-and-spend promises and ‘Brexit new deal’ unicorns, drummed-up to appease the predominantly over-50, affluent, white, male, Tory loyalists, there is little debate about the current real issues that confronts us all: climate emergency, broken democracy, obscene inequality, continued public services austerity, making a stable decent living, renewable energy promotion, NHS struggle, security crisis, biodiversity and wildlife crash, nuclear power and bombs farce, undemocratic banks/investors finance monopoly, rich list obscenity, giant trans national corporations’ global domination, ‘cold war’ return, etc.

My advice to Tory voters is simple: the qualitative standard of the candidates and the debate in this farce of a Brexit-mania leadership election is so pathetically low that your only course of action ought to be either a typical Green Party “RON” (re-open nominations) or a “none of these” protest abstention.