EIGHTY cyclists amassed at Taunton's Castle Green before leading a bright green line through the town centre - much to the surprise of onlookers.

The event was organised by the local Extinction Rebellion branch, and followed the march through the town held in April.

From their position on the saddle, climate change campaigners were ringing bells, chanting slogans and handing out leaflets to bemused shoppers.

The route took in East Reach, Priory Bridge Road, Station Road, Bridge Street and North Street.

After two loops the cyclists headed off to Vivary Park for a picnic, T shirt printing and further cycling circuits of the park lead by their children.

The ride was organised by Extinction Rebellion member Tony Baker.

He said: "We’re here today to celebrate cycling.

"Every bike on the road is one less car, which means less air pollution, less noise pollution, and less carbon emissions.

"We want to encourage people to join Extinction Rebellion and wake up to the terrible threat of climate change, but we also want to remind people what good clean healthy fun cycling is.

"We haven’t deliberately held up any cars, we’re not here to wind anybody up, we’re just having fun in the sun and getting our message across."

As well as leafleting, the group were asking people to sign a petition to be handed to the council.

Mr Baker added: "Somerset County Council have declared a climate emergency so let’s see them acting like it’s an emergency.

"We need more and better cycle paths and we need them now.

"We need radical action on cutting carbon emissions, before it’s too late."