SINGING has been a passion of Nathan Carter’s since he was just four years old.

When he was younger, Nathan thought he would be happy singing in pubs and clubs and so never expected to get to where he is today.

This autumn he is coming to Weston-super-mare as part of his new Born for the Road tour.

Since he left school at 17, Nathan has performed for Pope Francs in Croke Park in Dublin, had shows at the 3Arena Dublin and SSE Arena Belfast.

This year, he marked St Patricks day with his very own show on BBC Radio Ulster, joined by fellow Country stars Catherine McGrath and Chloe Agnew.

Nathan's career 

Nathan said: “I guess I got to this point through lots of gigs in pubs, bars and dance halls throughout the UK and Ireland.

“I’ve been lucky throughout my career to have built a solid fan base who travel long distance is to come and see the show and buy any new music that I record and release.

“I left school at 17 and always assumed I would be happy making a solid living gigging in pubs and clubs but in the back of my mind always wanted a band on the road and wanted to tour internationally – I never assumed it would get to this stage.

“I’ve been singing and playing music since I was four years old and always put it above any sports or any other type of hobbies when growing up.”

Growing up surrounded by old country music, as well as a range of folk singers (like the Dubliners Finbar Furrey and Christy Moore) has greatly influence Nathan’s own style of music, which he would describe as Celtic country.

He has also played the accordion since he was five years old and has always loved traditional Irish music.


Nathan writes many of his own songs, as well as co-writing pieces with various different artists. His current favourite song is When it Rains it Pours.

Nathan said: “I have always been influenced by the American country singer’s like Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks and some of the more modern styles of country.

“I am going in the studio in the next coming weeks to record a new folk album featuring songs newly written and covers of all standards done in a new and exciting way… so look out for that.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Performing for the Pope

One of the most memorable moments in Nathan’s life was his performance for Pope Francis in Croke Park in Dublin in August 2018.

He explained: “Performing for the Pope was a huge deal for me as my family have a strong Catholic faith.

“It was a huge honour to stand and sing in front of the Pope at Croke Park Stadium in Dublin which was filled with 60,000 people and the concert itself was televised around the world.

“I had the pleasure in singing with a choir on that particular day and thankfully it all went to plan and the performance turned out great.”

With a varied career, Nathan has had many exciting moments in his life. He has sold out arenas in Ireland, had three sold-out shows in the London Palladium and performed on Top of the Pops when he was just 14 as a backup singer for a band called The Farm.

Nathan said: “My career has been kind of varied but thankfully is still going very well and I’m excited at the prospect of new things happening all the time.”

Autumn tour

The autumn tour starts with two shows at Hayes Beck Theatre on September 5 and 6 and runs through to October 12, ending back in Scotland at the Glenroths Rothes Hall.

If you would like to see Nathan on tour, he will be at The Playhouse in Weston-super-mare on October 4 at 7:30pm.

Nathan added: “I am really looking forward to our autumn tour I absolutely love touring around the UK I get to see fans that I only see once a year and I’m so looking forward to bringing new music to the live shows with my very talented six-piece band.

“I don’t think I could honestly do anything else as a career as music and singing has been my life since I was a child and I still enjoy every single minute of it.”

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