A HOSPITAL worker who suffered painful injuries after coming off her bike is appealing for help to piece together a lost half hour.

Julie Coombs has no memory of what happened as she cycled under a bridge on the Bridgwater to Taunton Canal in the Obridge area of Taunton.

She suffered cuts and grazes to her face and arm, has bruising, a black eye and needed stitches in her chin.

She has been off work as an assistant practitioner in day surgery at Musgrove Park Hospital, where she was treated for her injuries, since the incident on Monday at 6.45pm.

Mrs Coombs, of Bathpool, rang her bike bell as she cycled under the bridge and heard another bell from someone else.

She said: "I turned round to have a quick glance to see, and that's all I remember.

"My husband says I rang him to say I'd fallen off my bike, but I don't know what I said to him.

"He said he told me to stay where I was and he later told me there was somebody else there talking. I have no clue about that.

"I must have got back on my bike because thing he found me sitting on my own on a wall in Priorswood Road."

Her husband put the bike in the back of his van and drove his wife home before taking her to Musgrove.

Fortunately, Mrs Coombs was not seriously injured, although she is still in excruciating pain and will need to have a smashed tooth replaced.

If you have any knowledge of the accident, call Mrs Coombs on 01823-412906 or 07723-918203.