TWO visitors from outer space attended the 37th Ruishton Flower Show on Saturday, the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing - a Cyberman and a Sycorax, members of the 15th Cyber Legion, a Dr Who costuming group.

The week-long Scarecrow Trail before the show saw mermaids, water skiers, fishermen, surfers and sunbathers, with Penny Wallace's plastic bottles creation voted the winner.

Flower show chairman Mike Marshall said he was pleased to see so many first-time winners.

He added that it is proof the event will continue to grow and he congratulated all the entrants whose contributions and hard work made the how a success.


Ruishton Challenge Cup (vegetables, fruit and flowers), Mary Rolland Millennium Cup (pot flowering plant), Ruishton Vegetable Plate (vegetables and fruit), Arthur Atyeo; Mr and Mrs Marshall Cup (runner up vegetables, fruit and flowers), Hazel Greenslade; Claydon Challenge Trophy (rhubarb), Sue Sherry; Potato Crop Trophy, Darren Greenslade; Tony Shattock Village Day Cup (flowers), Lyn Atyeo; Dr and Mrs Carton Rose Bowl (specimen rose), Jo Bell; David Berry Cup (bookmark), Victoria sandwich (women), Jessica Dash; Henlade Cup (pizza), Amelia Smallacombe; Lego model (under eight), Freddie Hill; J and M Growtage Trophy, Lego nine to 14, Katie Dash; handwriting, Harley Rae ( four to five), Georgie Drew ( six to seven), Isabelle Gee ( eight to 11); wooden spoon, Lily Smallacombe; R and J Cave Cup (cookery), scones, Maudie Hayard Trophy (floral arrangement), Susan Webber; Walker Cup (runner up cookery), gluten free lemon drizzle cake, Arthur Jelks Tray (handicrafts), M and E Duke Cup (woodwork), Lydia Carver; Victoria sandwich (men), Andy Carver; hand-knitted article, Sylvia Kearle; Photography Cup, Mel Mullins; Herbert Blaney Cup (floral arrangement), Pat Ward; Mr and Mrs Breeze Cup (wine and drinks), Wine of the Show, Paul Baker; Scarecrow Cup, Penny Wallace; Hanging Basket Cup, Liam Holley.