HAVING recently moved to Taunton and seeing the town with the 'fresh eyes' of an outsider (and picking up on people's ideas to develop the town), I have been immediately struck by the lack of wholesome entertainment options for teenagers (and by entertainment options, I do not just mean shopping malls and movies).

I know this beautiful summer weather is limited, but what about an open aired pool surrounded by lawns (and botanical gardens as also suggested) which could also cater for winter swimmers?

Open air pools around the country are also being successfully used for winter swimmers - normally having a very good coffee shop/cafe incorporated into the business plan.

This could be integrated into

the Coal Orchard development

, perhaps?


Multi-million pound Coal Orchard plans approved

I think, in general, the council needs to do more research into more accessible and wholesome entertainment options (for all seasons) for teenagers, who like to do things together with groups of friends, and incorporating these into developments in Taunton - which may assist in keeping teenagers occupied in a safe environment.