WESTMINSTER Diary (County Gazette, July 18) gave our MP, Rebecca Pow, the opportunity of announcing she had helped in unlocking £150,000 for Somerset West and Taunton Council to spend on improving quote 'Taunton High Street'.

She went on to say the 'High Street Task Force will offer advice on developing data-driven and innovative strategies for the town and provide access to other specialist advice' (Whatever this means).

I will make two observations and save £150,000.

i) Knock down all trees and obstacles in High Street and allow cars and motorised transport to park and drive, in both directions, back into the street.

ii) Purchase a large brush and put it in the hands of a 'Street Maintenance Officer' (Road Sweeper).

I would guarantee this would re-vitalize, not just High Street, but go a long way to invigorate Taunton!