I HAVE been amused, if not impressed, by the seemingly endless promises of funding which have been coming from the mouth of our new Prime Minister.

Farmers will be fine, he says, we’ll have no problem with school funding, councils will get more money to deal with the social care crisis, and we’re going to hire 20,000 more police officers (which will barely replace those cut by the Tories since 2010, which is what he doesn’t tell you).

The list goes on.

It seems like the 2017 election campaign never happened when, if I remember rightly, Mr Johnson was among those on the blue side of the argument, bemoaning promises from the Opposition as they were based on funding from a non-existent ‘magic money tree’.

It would seem Mr Johnson planted such a tree himself, probably around 2016 when he was deciding which side of the Brexit debate he was on, and is now harvesting the cash from it to address some of the shameless cuts his party’s austerity policies have brought.