SCILLA Barney's letter (Postbag, August 1) accuses (West Somerset MP) Mr Liddell-Grainger of hypocrisy for opposing the cuts to the Devon & Somerset Fire Service.

The £8.6 million in cuts are the direct result of nine years of austerity.

In her final paragraph, she highlights the local Lib Dem petition.

Perhaps I could remind her that the Lib Dems are party to that austerity.

In 2010, they went into a coalition with the Conservatives.

Lib Dem David Laws became First Minister to the Treasury.

He was forced to resign and later suspended from Parliament during the expenses scandal.

Replacing him was another Lib Dem, Danny Alexander, now Sir Danny.

The latter fervently imposed George Osborne's fiscal policy and many other matters that hit the most needy hardest, while the bankers who caused the financial crash walked away unscathed.

The cut back in funding to councils and the pay freeze to public service workers was a joint decision made by the Conservatives and Lib Dems.

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The proposed cuts are being fought across the political spectrum, not just by the Lib Dems.

Only this week, Labour-run Bridgwater Town Council voted to oppose the cuts.

Public safety should not be used for political gain by any party.