JUST have a little patience and soon you’ll be able to watch a tribute act with all your favourite Take That hits.

The Take That Experience, presented by Sweeney Entertainments, is coming to The Playhouse in Weston-Super-Mare this month.

We spoke to Nik Parsons, who performs as Mark Owen, ahead of their performance all about why he loves being part of a Take That tribute band.

Nik’s parents have always been part of the theatre – working in both set and costume design.

Nik explained: “Both my parents are part of the theatre in set design and costumer design, so performing has always been part of my life.

“I saw Michael Jackson in concert and since then I have been hooked on performing. I had all the costumes as a kid.

“I performed from around the age of eight or nine in school plays and so on, right through school. I then went to a Performing Arts College in Stanmore. I have always been around music really.

“Music is a huge part of my life. It has been something I have always wanted to do.

“I love performing, not only for the adrenaline rush, but also because it is my creative outlet which is really important to me.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Nik used to be in a Take That Duo show. He then auditioned for The Take That Experience in 2008, which has since expanded to include all five Take That members.

This is so that the group can recreate the latest Take That favourites as well as the classic songs we all know and love.

Nik added: “We have all the elements, three-piece, four piece and the band with Robbie of course. I think having all the members is great because performing as five is the most nostalgic for Take That fans.

“We get to perform all the 90s hit - this is great for me because I was only at secondary school when Take That began, so I always enjoy the new songs.”

Nik’s favourite song is Everlasting, not only because it is one of Mark’s songs, but because he thinks it is one of the best Take That songs on the new album.

Nik explained: “When I auditioned, I was asked who I would like to play and I chose Mark because he is a little bit different and quirky, and I liked that.

“Although I am nearly six foot – so I am the tallest Mark tribute, as the real Mark is a lot smaller than me.”

The tribute band will perform the 90’s hits right through to the current tracks including Pray, Relight My Fire, Patience, Shine, These Days and Giants as well as the bands very own Robbie performing hits including Angels, Rock DJ and Candy.

Somerset County Gazette:

“We like to change up the set list now and then, but we do have to stick to a certain formula with the different stages of Take That’s career” Nik said.

“We have recently had new costumes for this show and we try to keep things as fresh as possible. We don’t want it to become boring for us, so we mix it up at least once a year and we change a couple of songs now and again.

“I love it when we do something for the first time. When a different venue comes up and it’s something we have not done before – it’s great.

“This is our first time in Weston-Super-Mare, we have not performed there before. It is exciting because it’s a new venue, a new town.

“We love the outdoor festivals and racecourses, because I think with a bigger crowd, more lights and so on is when our performances are at their best.”

However, performing is not all fun and games. There is a lot of travelling involved, all over the UK.

When the band first began, their shows were confined to the South East, as their manager is based in Kent, but now, as they have progressed, the band perform all over the UK.

Nik explained: “I always say we get paid to travel but we do the shows for free because we love performing, but not the travelling.

“I live in Cornwall, so I probably travel the most, but we all have at least four or five hours to travel to each show. The more we perform in the South West, the better for me!

“You have to get on well when you travel and work together, but we are very fortunate that we all get along anyway. We all have a common interest – performing and Take That – but we have different interests which is nice.

“The secret to a successful tribute act is hard work! And don’t take it too seriously once you are on stage – you have to take it with a pinch of salt.

“We are not pretending we are Take That, we just want to put on a fun, family show. We like to think we do it justice.”

Somerset County Gazette:

Nik will be performing alongside the others at The Playhouse in Weston-Super-Mare on August 16 at 7:30pm. To see The Take That Experience visit www.parkwoodtheatres.co.uk/Playhouse-Theatre or call 01934 645544.