‘THE will of the people’ is an ongoing conversation among those who voted to leave the EU, the consequence of the

referendum in June 2016.

However, the will of the people was seemingly bypassed when it came to choosing the Prime Minister of the country.

That 92,000 Tory party members out of a membership of 160,000 elected Boris Johnson as Prime Minister was an outrage to the democratic process.

We’ve got a Prime Minister elected by less than 1 per cent of an electorate of nearly 40 million.

Obviously, these Tory voters were for a very hard Brexit, with a no-deal ethos.

They were mainly white, middle-class, affluent, privately-educated and completely out of touch with the lives and aspirations of millions of the population.

It’s in the public domain that the Tory party membership was hijacked and boosted by Brexit Party members and supporters.

Now, all these right-wing fanatics have got what they wanted - a very hard line Brexiteer in Downing Street, coupled with a far-right wing cabinet of the same ilk.

It would appear that it isn’t a Tory government at all, it’s pro-Brexit with, I suspect, Nigel Farage and his cronies pulling the strings, aided by maverick president Trump calling all the shots from the White House.

Is the UK being lined up to become the 52nd state of the USA?

Just imagine if a Labour Prime Minister had been elected by party members in the same way as Boris Johnson.

The gutter right-wing press would have printed special editions of their papers to cover the story.

This referendum was completely unnecessary.

Had David Cameron and his team, when they went to Brussels and together with other EU members, had the will to keep negotiations going to reform the EU.

Cameron buckled under pressure from the Brexiteers in his party, who wanted the talks to fail.

That opportunity was lost.

However, the Brexit project could have been stopped in its infancy if all the centre-left political parties had formed a united coalition.

Sadly, the stumbling block to such a coalition has been the Labour Party.


Somerset reflects on EU Referendum result

None of the bigwigs of Brexit will or won’t say what a post-Brexit Britain will be like. Seemingly, there’s a hidden agenda, very frightening to contemplate.

It will be true-blue Toryism, cruel and callous, a kind of recycled Thatcherism, only much worse. Mass deregulation of all the enlightened progress we’ve made in the field of social justice, health, NHS, food, education, security and much else.

It is in the public domain that if/when the trade deal with the USA is enforced, American companies are lining up to buy into the NHS for wholesale privatisation.

We are seemingly engulfed by self-inflicted harm by a crazy bunch of Brexiteers, misleading the wider populace into believing we’ll get our borders and sovereignty back and make our own laws.

None of this has been lost anyway.

Remember, Boris Johnson was complicit in the banner on the Brexit bus - £350 million a week for the NHS 0 hotly denied after the referendum.

This is the same man who couldn’t make up his mind whether he was in the Leave or Remain camp, was a useless Foreigh Secretary, always mired in controversy and breached Royal protocol by making his speech with the Queen public.

There has to be a People’s Vote and a General Election to sort it all out and prevent us becoming an isolationist nation, with no influence on the world stage and an offshore set of islands inhabited by wealthy tax dodgers.

Our great nation who, with its allies, defeated global nazism, deserves much better that Johnson, Farage and Cameron to shape our nation, fit for future generations to live in.

I’m reminded of one line of the famous Eton Boating Song, ‘we’re all in the same river and we are all in the same boat’.

If only that were true.

Tories love power. They’ve always peddled the myth that they were born to rule and have a divine right to rule.