THE reaction of some Tauntonians to people staging legitimate demonstrations to raise awareness of the climate change emergency will forever be a stain on my town.

Many of our councils - and the Government itself - have designated a ‘climate emergency’, yet people insist on knee-jerk reactions opposing any form of demonstration which aims to highlight the issue.

‘They’re all hypocrites’; ‘I hope none of them ever use a car’; ‘I bet they all have mobile phones’, are the classic responses from an extremely vocal group of people.

Not only are these all invalid arguments - it makes absolutely no difference whether any of the protestors are hypocrites, there is still a climate emergency - but it is simply rude and disrespectful.

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I can only presume those who wish to pour scorn on such demonstrations are seeking to appease their own guilt at the part they - through their indifference if nothing else - are playing in hastening the end of the world. Quite literally.

Well done them.

I would not like my name and address published, as I genuinely fear the reaction of these people to someone opposing their narrow-minded, ignorant views.