POOR weather has forced an LGBT group to change its plans to celebrate love and inclusion.

Watchet Pride was set to hold a beach party on Saturday, August 10, but weather warnings are in place for strong wind and heavy rain, preventing the event from taking place.

But the weather won't totally rain on their parade, as they plan to move the party indoors.

Pete Stevenson, a spokesperson for the group, said: "We are looking forward to our LGBT Pride party now to be held at The West Somerset Hotel, Watchet on Saturday, starting at 5.00 pm.

"The poor weather has sadly forced us off the beach but we will sing and dance into the night at a super local venue. "Speakers, musicians and rap poets will declare their support for the values of equality and diversity."

Organisers say all are welcome and entry to the event is free.

Plans for a beach party are still in place, but will hopefully be held later in the summer, as hundreds of people have shown support for the event.

Mr Stevenson added: "We will aim for the beach party to still go ahead – probably at the end of August. More than 500 people have pledged their support."

The pride event was scheduled following a homophobic attack on two women in Watchet.

The pair were subject to homophobic verbal abuse on West Street beach and even had stones thrown at them - one hitting one of the women on the head.

The matter is currently in the hands of the police, but in response the event was organised.

Mr Stevenson says the group has been asked why there is a 'need' to such an event in Watchet, as it was an isolated incident.

He said: "Our answer is that the person who committed this hate crime is not the only homophobe in town. The Facebook exchanges have revealed several who have voiced aggressive and disrespectful views.

"Secondly, a Pride event helps people to 'come-out' because it creates a supportive atmosphere. We have witnessed several examples of this since starting this project especially amongst young people.

"LGBT people still fear ridicule at home, school, college, the workplace and in social settings and Pride events help people to express with confidence who they truly are.

"Research shows that an LGBT person is more likely to be abused in a rural setting than in a city."

He added events should not be confined to big cities, as people living in rural areas also deserve equality.

"Pride events bring people together in a spirit of peace and friendship linking with the wider values of race and gender equality," he added.

"Those taking part stand strongly opposed to homophobic abuse and all acts of prejudice and discrimination in an act of celebration and peaceful protest."

For more information on the event, visit Watchet Pride Facebook page or 07896867799.