PAUL Trolley created history at the successful Kingston St Mary Flower Show on Saturday.

Paul became the first man to take be judged the overall winner in the homecraft (cookery) section since the show was first held in 1932.

Show secretary Annie Trolley congratulated "the lads" as two men, Bill Hayes and Joseph Heayns, dominated the fruit and vegetables category, while Harry Ellison was the overall children's winner.

The event in the village hall attracted a total of 365 entries from 63 competitors.

Mrs Trolley said: "The bad weather stayed away so that those who entered, and other visitors, were able to come along to enjoy seeing the wonderful creations and to enjoy afternoon tea with friends and neighbours."


Vegetables (overall), vegetable collection, begonia, Joseph Heayns; best vegetable exhibit, Bill Hayes; flowers (overall), Jane House; best flower exhibit, Chris Heayns; indoor plant, Sarah Wilcox; decorative arrangement, painting (watercolour). Annie Trolley; homecraft (overall), Paul Trolley; loaf of bread, Marian Dunsford; larder items, Trudy Mancini; children (overall), Harry Ellison; painting (other medium), Nicky Perry; sculpture, Emma Ricketts; clay/metal/wood, Serena Lumley.


Section A – Vegetables and Fruit

Collection of vegetables Joseph Heayns

Potatoes, coloured Bill Hayes

Potatoes Bill Hayes

Beetroot Bill Hayes

Carrots Joseph Heayns

Peas Bill Hayes

Runner Beans Bill Hayes

Leeks Joseph Heayns

Courgettes Paul Trolley

Cucumbers Judy Rhodes

Onions, large Sue Archer

Onions, small Joseph Heayns

9 Shallots Joseph Heayns

Tomatoes Joseph Heayns

Novelty Tomatoes Trudi Mancini

French Beans Sue Archer

Soft Fruit Bill Hayes

Dessert Apples Bill Hayes

Salad items Joseph Heayns

Herbs Judy Rhodes

Any other fruit or veg Sue Archer

Section B – Flowers and Plants

Begonia Joseph Heayns

Nasturtiums Chris Heayns

Annuals Jane House

Pansies Eric Lovell

Roses, single Jane House

Roses, trusses Sarah May

Sweet Peas Joseph Heayns

Foliage Indoor Plant Sarah Wilcox

Flowering Indoor Plant Carla Griffith

Succulent or Cactus Emma Ricketts

Dahlias (small) Jonathan Doney

Dahlias (large) Chris Heayns

Perennials – one sort Janet Lovell

Perennials – varied Lesley Mackay

Shrubs/Trees Sue Archer

Fuschia Trudy Mancini

Section C – Decorative Arrangements

‘Moonlight’ Sue Archer

‘Shades of one colour’ Sue Archer

A Miniature Annie Trolley

‘Have A Go’ Paul Trolley

Bridesmaid’s Bouquet Trudy Mancini

Foliage only Sheila Jones

Section D - Homecraft

Wine Angela Heayns

Marmalade Jane House

Fruit Jelly Paul Trolley

Chutney Jane Clarke

Blackcurrant Jam Sue Archer

Fruit Curd Helen Hounslow

Vegetarian Quiche Paul Trolley

Date and Walnut Loaf Yvonne Harris

Decorated Cake Nicky Perry

Ginger Biscuits Sheila Jones

Bread Marian Dunsford

Battenberg Cake Kate Ranson

Lemon Drizzle Cake Helen Hounslow

Items for Larder Trudy Mancini

Gluten Free Cake Victoria Archer

Savoury Pasty Paul Trolley

Section E – Children


Decorated plate Harry Neal Archer

Dinosaur Verity Hayes

Ages 5 – 7

Unicorn picture Eliza Hayes

Ages 8 – 12

Jam tarts Harry Ellison

Fabric item Harry Ellison

All ages (up to 15)

Recycled Item Harry Ellison

Section F - Open

Watercolour picture Annie Trolley

Other medium picture Nicky Perry

Photograph ‘Weather’ Jonathan Doney

Clay/Metal/Wood Emma Ricketts

Handicraft Serena Lumley

Handmade Flower Sarah Wilcox

80 word story Stephen Lovell

Caption to a Picture Chris Hancock

Spud in a tub Eric Lovell

Unusual shaped vegetable Sue Archer

Bread roll container Kate Ranson

Other Craft Sarah Wilcox

Section G - Miscellaneous

Eggs Sue Archer

Honey Paul Trolley

Sweetest Smelling Rose Jane House