LET’S get something straight - I would NEVER vote Tory.

So the County Gazette’s recent new “policy” of challenging both local and national politics was refreshing.

Then, we have the latest edition of Postbag (August 8).

Firstly, a letter, no rant, from Alan Foyle (maybe one-time local Lib Dem politician of same name?) which not only took up massive column spaces but also gained the bold-type headlines from the editor.

Part One of an editorial conspiracy.

Next was another incoherent diatribe using the headline “Show Praise” from David Smith.

Great, what’s not to like about praising our fantastic flower show?

Trouble was, after 10 lines it degenerated into 60, yes 60, lines of connecting leaving the EU to gun crimes a la USA, lowering food standards (prove it), becoming “...increasingly intolerant Transatlantic stockade with a xenophobia mentality...".

Basically, it concluded that staying in the EU and letting the young govern us was the only way to secure the future of the Taunton Flower Show.

Huh? Be a young Lib Dem and Utopia is yours!

Well, I for one will never forgive the Lib Dems for their coalition that kept the Tories in office a while back.

These days they’ve found another bandwagon to jump on.

Political opportunists - nothing more, nothing less.

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So, I cry “hijack”!

Come on, let the local press be free to criticise all and not be shackled to one party or another. Politically-aligned local news is not the way to go in the twenty first century.

West Hatch

Ed: Thanks for your letter Mr Burnell, but I can assure you there are no 'shackles' on the County Gazette. We are aligned to no political party. The presence of letters on any given week is determined, overwhelmingly, by what letters we have received that week. If we can, we run them all. As your letter shows - alongside others this week - people of all opinions are welcome to put them forward and have them published (within reason, of course!).